Gyotaku by Naoki


FishingLet me invite you to my unique world of Gyotaku- catching, printing and eating blessings from the sea. The immense amount of joy we experience while catching something for the dinner table is an exciting challenge that always holds a story to be told. One of those amazing stories is attached to each of my Gyotaku impressions, as there are many different approaches, methods, and skills to land that priceless catch.

About Gyotaku

Naoki with fishGyotaku is a time honored, traditional Japanese art, that is captured on a piece of shoji paper for the keepsake of the family, and friends, and fishers to come. Once the print is complete, the non-toxic paint is washed off, and the fish is cleaned to be cooked. It is quite simple and pure, as it has been for over 200 years. We fish to eat, and print what we fish to remember and share the experience.
That is what Gyotaku is all about.

Mahalo for your interest in my work,

Aloha, Naoki

Hawaii Artist

Hawaii ArtistNaoki is a leading "Local Artist" in Hawaii known for his Original Hawaiian style fish print art also known as "Gyotaku".

Please feel free to visit our work studio/art gallery in Kaneohe, HI.

Naoki Painting


View original Naoki Gyotaku art. Choose from framed, wall ready originals, unframed original prints, and more.
Naoki Painting


We also offer a collection of Giclee reproductions printed on museum paper, T-Shirts, and wall calendars.
Naoki Painting

Classes and Custom Services

Introductory classes to Naoki's style Gyotaku, special appearances, and T-shirt parties.