Gyotaku by Naoki

Unframed Pieces

Custom framing available for unframed pieces in solid mahogany in black or natural finish, solid mango, or solid Koa. Please inquire.

Item #407 - Triple Fortune
Bright red as a symbol of good fortune, these deep water snappers are for a celebration of special occasion.

Item #408 - Malolo
These flying fish can stay in the air for of over 100 yards. I recently learned from a NOAA scientist that there are more than fourteen different types in Hawaii. 17x34

Item #230 - Lone Wolf
This hungry "Ono" is looking for a quick bite, a school of bite size "Lai" gives him a good opportunity. 33x56

Item #232 - Reef Gathering
Hawaiian reefs are filled with lots of activity, center of attraction is always a very wise octopus. 34x58

Item #410 - South Shore
A pair of "Kagami" swims over a carpet of "Oama" as the shallows of south shore comes to life as the summer approach.

Item #409 - Black Sheep
This is the black sheep of Hawaiian snappers. Least attractive in appearance, but awesome on your dinner platter. A true local delicacy. 37x27

Item #121 - Blue Intruder
A large blue intruder "Omilu Ulua" sneaks into a lava cave filled with a school of "Aholehole". 26x36

Item #389 - Snacking Kawakawa
One of the strongest fighting fish per pound, this wavy back tuna is grabbing a quick bite. 22x42

Item #397 - Striking Skipjacks
Schooling "Opelu" is like a "restaurant open" sign, first come first served as this pair of "Aku" feast mindlessly. 33x53

Item #229 - Eighty foot ledge
This hungry "Ulua" is interested in a school of "Taape" which gather in a deep drop off. 32x42

Item #296 - Calamari feast
Small "Daruma" , big eye tuna is about to feast on a calamari dinner. 37x34

Item #17 - Ulua Grounds
Ulua Grounds are home to numerous types of reef fish, such as this group of Kupipi. They all know exactly when to hide. 37x49

Item #188 - Great Patience
This large "Nohu" is a patient predator who will wait for that perfect meal to swim by. His mouth is as large as his great appetite. 18x25

Item #353 - Black Jacks
This type of Jack is a rare find in the main islands of Hawaii. They can grow to over 100 pounds in the north west Hawaiian island chain. 32x42

Item #228 - Deep Hangout
This bunch of Hawaiian "Onaga" snappers are hanging out in the depth of 1000 feet where they thrive. 33x47

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Naoki Painting

About Naoki, and Gyotaku

Gyotaku is a time honored, traditional Japanese art, that is captured on a piece of shoji paper for the keepsake of the family, and friends, and fishers to come.
Naoki Painting


We also offer a collection of Giclee reproductions printed on museum paper, T-Shirts, and wall calendars.
Naoki Painting

Classes and Custom Services

Introductory classes to Naoki's style Gyotaku, special appearances, and T-shirt parties.