Gyotaku by Naoki

Framed Pieces

Item #403 - Ulua
Framed in solid mahogany. 31x46

Item #404 - Maunalua Bay,
Large "Uku" with "Opelu" , framed in solid mahogany. 27x45

Item #405 - Otaru
Large "Skipjack tuna" , framed in solid mahogany. 22x40

Item #406 - High Tide
Large "Omilu Ulua" is charging on a scattering school of "Aholehole" , framed in solid mahogany. 26x43

Item #411 - Mahi Mahi
Framed in solid mahogany. 27x44

Item #415 - Tropical Fan
This deep ocean rare catch, "Fan fish" is framed in beautiful mango wood. 33x33

Item #416 - Deep Water Chase
This Lancet fish feeds in the abyss of the tropical ocean. 21x34

Item #418 - Hungry Snapper
This large "Uku" is eyeing his possible snack, candy like "Opelu". Framed in solid mahogany wood. 29x39

Item #419 - Deep Pursuit
A hungry Big Eye Tuna is feeding on one of his favorite meals, tasty, juicy, tender squid. Framed in classic black natural solid wood. 37x44

Item #420 - Fish Cake
Large bonefish are one of the local favorites, made into tasty fish cake which can be fried or added to soup. Framed in solid mahogany. 20x54

Item #310 - Shiny Dominance
A presence of powerful and hungry "Kagami Ulua" is scattering a small school of "halaluu" as they try to getaway. 33x49

Item #362 - Kumu House
Between the boulders of lava, these white saddle goat fish are taking a shelter before the tide change. Framed in solid Koa wood. 26x38

Item #341 - He’e
This mysterious looking octopus from Kaneohe Bay was caught by a free diver, later served as "squid luau" for the family's get together. 31x50

Item #311 - Summer Gathering
Schools of tuna gather around FAD buoys during the summer months as these chunky young Bigeyes. Framed in solid mahogany wood. 39x59

Item #303 - Silver Dollars
This pair of deep water delicacies reflect the light from the tropical moon high above the surface. 35x35

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Naoki Painting

About Naoki, and Gyotaku

Gyotaku is a time honored, traditional Japanese art, that is captured on a piece of shoji paper for the keepsake of the family, and friends, and fishers to come.
Naoki Painting


We also offer a collection of Giclee reproductions printed on museum paper, T-Shirts, and wall calendars.
Naoki Painting

Classes and Custom Services

Introductory classes to Naoki's style Gyotaku, special appearances, and T-shirt parties.