Gyotaku by Naoki

Item #383 - Mauna Lua Bay
Cuban mahogany frame. 16x30

Item #340 - Kings Feast
Ulua with Moi. 15x28

Item #388 - Octopus
100% Hanes Beefy T's.

Item #402 - Catch of The Day T-Shirt
100% Hanes Beefy T's.

Item #112 - Under the full moon
This magnificent composition on stretched canvas shows the absolute beauty and vastness of the night ocean filled with it's deepest mystery. 41x55

Item #339 - Mahi Mahi
Mahi Mahi. 11x15

Item #111 - Passionate Octopus
This print of a large octopus is a real head turner, it's color and size captivates the minds of the crowd. This piece was on display at the Honolulu museum. 41x64

Item #338 - Makani Kai
Malolo. 13x31

Item #337 - Hawaiian Night
Menpachi. 14x31

Item #336 - Mauna Lua Bay
Oio with Oama. 15x29

Item #335 - Off the Ledge
Ono with baitfish. 17x26

Item #334 - Kaneohe He’e
Tako. 13x21

Item #333 - Tuna Rush
Schooling Shibi. 21x28

Item #332 - Blue Flash
Papio chasing Oama. 13x31

Item #331 - Old Classic
Black only Ulua. 15x25

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Naoki Painting

About Naoki, and Gyotaku

Gyotaku is a time honored, traditional Japanese art, that is captured on a piece of shoji paper for the keepsake of the family, and friends, and fishers to come.
Naoki Painting


View original Naoki Gyotaku art. Choose from framed, wall ready originals, unframed original prints, and more.
Naoki Painting

Classes and Custom Services

Introductory classes to Naoki's style Gyotaku, special appearances, and T-shirt parties.